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Getting Ready Tip 1: Attend a Windows Azure Discovery Workshop

We have designed Six Weeks of Windows Azure to ensure a company with no exposure to the Windows Azure Platform or Cloud Computing will get plenty of value by taking part. However, we are also focused on given you options between now and then to maximise the value you get from the six weeks.

And … don’t forget you need to signup (It is painless!).

Tip 1: Attend a Windows Azure Discovery Workshop

Each month we will be running a FREE workshop in Reading to help companies interested in selling applications that take advantage of the Windows Azure Platform. These are small informal workshops that really help you understand why and how you might use the Windows Azure Platform.

When: Second Tuesday of every month (normally). Scheduled to Jan.
Where: Microsoft Campus, Reading
Who should attend: Companies looking to sell an application. This is for technical decision makers.
Limits: One individual per company, others waitlisted
Details and registration: Windows Azure Discovery Workshop

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