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Draft Agenda for comment

This agenda will change and we would like you to help shape it. We expect to add additional sessions beyond the core of two technical and one commercial that we will be doing each week.

Please comment with any suggestions, especially if you think anything is missing. Thank you.

Week 1  Design


  • Monday: Getting started with the Windows Azure Platform
    • Tools, tips, resources and best practices
  • Wednesday: Designing for the Cloud
    • Brownfield, greenfield and architecting for cost.
  • Wednesday: Surgery
    • Design and getting started 


  • Wednesday: What/Why/When of SaaS, Cloud and the Windows Azure Platform
    • Square peg into a round hole? Is the Windows Azure Platform right for your company

Week 2 Build


  • Monday: Working with Code
    • Web Roles, Worker Roles, Role communication, Native code, Startup Tasks…
  • Wednesday: Working with Data
    • Windows Azure Storage, SQL Azure, SQL Azure Data Sync and SQL Azure Reporting
  • Wednesday: Surgery
    • Build environment and tooling


  • Wednesday: How will Cloud Services Impact your Business
    • What is the impact beyond technical? How do you better prepare for a move to the cloud?

Week 3 Build


  • Monday: Answers to common questions on using the Windows Azure Platform
    • Answers to the most common questions on using elements of the platform
  • Wednesday: Connecting cloud and on-premises
    • Technologies and approaches to connect cloud to on-premise
  • Wednesday: Surgery
    • General


  • Wednesday: Planning for Financial Success
    • How to be successful with a transition to the cloud

Week 4 Test


  • Monday: Instrumentation and debugging
    • Simplifying diagnosing problems for applications deployed in the Windows Azure Platform
  • Wednesday: Application lifecycle management
    • Using ALM when working on applications using the Windows Azure Platform
  • Wednesday: Surgery
    • ALM, debugging and testing


  • Wednesday: Packaging and Pricing Cloud Offerings
    • Best practices to delivering a profitable service and examples from early adopters

Week 5 Market


  • Monday:  Architecting “unusual” solutions
    • Social solutions, mobile devices, HPC solutions
  • Wednesday: Publishing an application on the Windows Azure Marketplace
    • How to make your application marketplace ready
  • Wednesday: Surgery
    • General


    • Wednesday: Demand Generation and Cloud Services
      • Successful demand generation will require new approaches

Week 6 Sell


    • Monday: Advanced Windows Azure Platform – part 1
      • Focus on architecture – HPC, Social Gaming, Mobile Devices …
    • Wednesday: Advanced Windows Azure Platform – part 2
      • Focus on development – Identity management, none .NET …
    • Wednesday: Surgery
      • General


    • Wednesday:  Selling and Supporting Cloud Offerings
      • A new approach is needed…


4 kommentarer om “Draft Agenda for comment

  1. Hi Eric,

    we are developing in Silverlight 4/5, can this be added up to the agenda.

    We are also interested in CDN and whether we will need it for performance with customers in multiple global locations serviced by the hubs on this page http://www.joules.co.uk/

    Would we move development into the cloud also?

    with regards


    Skrevet av Jan Chadaj | 12. desember 2011, 11:19
  2. Hi Eric

    Trying to prep for SWoA as well as my BaU and need to ensure I do pricing right. Given that week 4 is «Commercial
    Wednesday: Packaging and Pricing Cloud Offerings Best practices to delivering a profitable service and examples from early adopters»,
    What data can I extract from my current system so I can start benchmarking the Azure cost variables such as:
    – Compute
    – Data transfers
    – CDN
    – Caching
    – Service Bus and
    – fabric Access Control.
    I am tasked with building a charging model based on cost +. Now in the days of data centres, servers and internet pipes – it was easy! :), so I need to benchmark what the likely variable costs



    Skrevet av Jan Chadaj | 3. januar 2012, 15:04
    • Hi Jan,

      first up, an updated agenda will be out for Monday 9th – do check back in case we have had to move a session based on speaker availability.

      In general the main element of cost for most solutions is compute – the number of instances of each web/worker role. It often dwarfs the other costs (unless you are doing massive data storage, massive download of data or lots of relational data).

      By looking at your current systems compute needs (CPU, Memory) you can normally fairly accurately guestimate the compute needs under Windows Azure – as effectively each web/wroker role is a VM with dedicated CPU and Memory.

      My other advice is to try avoid a charging model based on azure costs if you can. Many companies we work with have done exactly that. They charge based on other criteria in some certainty that they will never run at a loss… which certainly for many LOB apps is doable. Things can become much tighter in consumer space.

      Skrevet av ericnel | 5. januar 2012, 14:47

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