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Six Weeks of Windows Azure will start on Monday 23rd January 2012

Yesterday we locked in the dates and we also confirmed that our core set of webinars and online surgeries will happen on the Monday and Wednesday of each week – with additional activities happening on other days which we will announce nearer the start.

Which gives us the following key dates:

  • Week 1
    • Monday 23rd Jan: Kick off + Webinar <- try not to miss this one!
    • Wednesday 25th: Surgery + Webinars
  • Week 2
    • Monday 30th Jan: Weekly check-in + Webinar
    • Wednesday 1st Feb: Surgery + Webinars
  • Week 3
    • Monday 6th Feb: Weekly check-in + Webinar
    • Wednesday 8th Feb: Surgery + Webinars
  • Week 4
    • Monday 13th Feb: Weekly check-in + Webinar
    • Wednesday 15th Feb: Surgery + Webinars
  • Week 5
    • Monday 20th Feb: Weekly check-in + Webinar
    • Wednesday 22nd Feb: Surgery + Webinars
  • Week 6
    • Monday 27th Feb: Weekly check-in + Webinar
    • Wednesday 29th Feb: Surgery + Webinars
  • And finally
    • Monday 5th March: “After show party” 🙂

We will be sharing more details on the topics very soon.

We also have locked in the timings which we will normally follow (subject to speaker commitments)

  • Monday
    • Weekly check-in 12pm to 1:30pm
    • Technical webinar 3pm to 4:30pm
    • Bonus evening webinar 6pm to 7pm (not all weeks)
  • Wednesday
    • Technical Webinar 10am to 11am
    • Surgery 12pm to 1pm
    • Commercial Webinar 3pm to 4pm
    • Bonus evening webinar 6pm to 7pm (not all weeks)

All the above will be going into the “official” document – but we wanted to share early.

Couple of obvious questions:

  • Do you need to attend every session? No. We will be recording all sessions and some simply will not be relevant for your specific application/scenario.
  • Will we be sharing these as meeting requests? Yes. Just not quite yet.
  • Is there always a clear split between Technical and Commercial webinars? No. Sometimes the content will span both.

Don’t forget to sign up today as it helps us scale the activities appropriately.




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