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ICS: The Microsoft Gurus

ICS are one of the partners helping make Six Weeks of Windows Azure a great experience. Please take a moment to check them out. Thank you.


ICS Solutions is a ‘pure play’ Microsoft Gold partner and have been one of the first UK partners to fully embrace Microsoft’s Cloud solutions.

One of ICS Solutions’ most interesting resources for ISVs and corporate customers is their Windows Azure Assessment and Migration Package, which allows users to understand and estimate the costs of moving their existing applications to the Windows Azure platform.

More than focussing on technical delivery, ICS has invested in promoting Microsoft Cloud Services and giving potential customers the opportunity to realise the benefits by themselves.  In their regular Windows Azure seminars, ICS Solutions demonstrates the technology to clients and help them understand how it can be applied to their specific workloads and scenarios.

ICS has been investing in their Cloud practice since early 2009. In September 2009, it has developed “Dip into Windows Azure”, an exclusive campaign for Microsoft, which provided a unique Azure trial platform, resources, sample application and tutorial to help users start their Cloud journey.  An overwhelming 3,900 successful registrations were processed.

ICS Solutions has a number of Microsoft achievements. Just this week, they’ve been selected as one of nine Cloud Champions by Microsoft. They are members of Microsoft’s Cloud Circle, a selected group of highly-skilled Cloud partners. They are also one of the few Microsoft partners authorised to deliver Azure Deployment Planning Services (AZDPS).

Read more about ICS and Windows Azure



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