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Black Marble: Specialists in .NET

Black Marble are one of the partners helping make Six Weeks of Windows Azure a great experience. Please take a moment to check them out. Thank you.


Black Marble specialises in .NET software development and consultancy, delivering structured collaboration solutions across the Microsoft platform using products such as BizTalk and Azure.

From our roots as a hard-core, deep development house, we pride ourselves in delivering solutions across industry and sector – from Insurance systems to managing virtual machines, to artificially intelligent games.  And our staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals, providing our customers with the confidence that they are getting the best.

Black Marble has invested time, effort and money into establishing a quality system within the company, for delivering high quality applications.  We run a strict regime of quality and test not only for our customers but for our own internal projects.  This is run by our Engineering Team, led by an ALM Ranger, and includes rigorous continuous integration, nightly builds and load testing.

Black Marble is an Azure Circle partner, with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) in SQL Azure, Visual Studio (ALM) and Connected Development.  We are certified to deliver Deployment Planning days, not only for Azure (AZDPS) but also for Developer Tools (DTDPS) and SharePoint (SDPS).  With Black Marble, you get the skills and experience to help you with the whole application lifecycle – from inception to design, testing to development and deployment.

Check out www.blackmarble.com/windowsazure. Black Marble can be contacted via www.blackmarble.com/contact



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