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Solidsoft: Making the Connection

Solidsoft are one of the partners helping make Six Weeks of Windows Azure a great experience. Please take a moment to check them out. Thank you


Solidsoft designs and delivers enterprise architectures and builds business applications for both the Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and on premise platforms. By leveraging our knowledge of Microsoft’s .NET framework and the Windows Azure platform coupled with BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Server we provide world class solutions for our customers.

Microsoft recognised and validated our skill and expertise in using these technologies by awarding Solidsoft the title of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the year for Application Integration 2011-2012. Solidsoft is also a member of the Microsoft trusted Azure Inner Circle group of partners and as technical advisors to Microsoft, both for cloud and integration over a number of years delivers we have been entrusted to deliver Azure Workshops on behalf of Microsoft to its UK customers. Additionally we are one of a small number of partners certified to deliver Microsoft’s Azure Deployment Planning days (AZDPS) to help you get started on your journey to developing Cloud ready solutions.

Our experience of developing custom applications and integration solutions on the Microsoft platform ideally positions Solidsoft to help clients architect, build, extend, migrate and integrate and support their business applications and business processes on premise and in the cloud with the following services:

  • Architecture, Discovery Workshops and Road Map Planning
  • Consultancy and Troubleshooting
  • Full Application Lifecycle Solution Development
  • Business Continuity Support
  • Microsoft technologies Skills Transfer

Connect to the Cloud with Solidsoft. Contact Pam McClelland by mail pamm@solidsoft.com or by phone +44 1256 375700 to find out more about our free Azure Discovery Workshop.



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