About us

Six Weeks of Windows Azure is brought to you by Microsoft UK

What happens when two Microsoft UK technical types with over 5 years of exposure to the Windows Azure Platform and 30 years of experience in helping companies adopt Microsoft technology ponder the question … «How can we do even more to help UK companies build awesome solutions on the Windows Azure Platform?».
The answer is a bold and untried idea … Six Weeks of Windows Azure … and no doubt plenty of late nights, fun days and (fingers crossed) splendid solutions that shine because of their adoption of technologies found in the Windows Azure Platform.
Check out the Overview and FAQ to understand whether Six Weeks of Windows Azure is right for you and your company and how to enroll.
And remember … this will be fun … eventually!
If you have any questions about the course and its suitability, or want to give us feedback about it, please email us

Eric and David

Eric Nelson
Application Architect
Microsoft UK

(looking less grumpy than he is – Ed)

David Gristwood
Application Architect
Microsoft UK

(looking tougher than he is – Ed)



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