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How to participate

Please register on Microsoft World Wide Events (live id required). This will ensure you get access to all the webinars that make up Six Weeks of Windows Azure. Please encourage all your team members who will be taking part in Six Weeks of Windows Azure to register individually on World Wide Events.

Please also email us (once per company) with a subject line that includes “6Weeks” and two or three lines covering:

  • Your Company Name and your role
  • Why you are interested in taking part
  • Whether your interest is primarily for an internal application or something external (e.g. a software product or consumer web site)

This helps us shape the content of the six weeks.

If you have questions, please check out the FAQ.

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En kommentar om “Sign Up

  1. I am the CTO for Xface Ltd. We have built an application called Xfolio in Azure and we have got two customers using it. We want to re-architecture it , so that we have a scalable solution and make multi-tenant.

    I need Microsoft help to achieve our vision.

    Skrevet av rajamannar71 | 14. oktober 2011, 18:33

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