Six Weeks of Windows Azure

Starting in January 2012 Microsoft UK will be delivering 6 weeks of FREE* assistance to UK based companies who want to build applications on the Windows Azure Platform. Or… think they might want to build applications. Or even think they do not … but would like to be certain.

Each week will be themed around a different aspect of adopting the cloud – // Design / Build / Test / Market / Sell. Which means we be covering areas as diverse as “Why should I bother?” to “How do I setup my development environment?” to “How do I make it scale?”. All provided by subject matter experts from Microsoft and our partners.

And the best bit is … you won’t need to leave your office to take part as we will be delivering the above through interactive webinars with a smidgen of really impactful sessions which will take place at our offices in Reading.

Examples of what will be on offer include:

Weekly checkpoints every Monday

  • There are weekly checkpoints which take place each Monday in the form of an online meeting. At these checkpoints we will share learning’s from the previous week and highlight the opportunities for the current week such as webinars, surgeries and on-demand resources


  • Weekly on-line briefings covering business and technical areas with plenty of opportunity to ask questions


  • Is there a doctor in the house? Absolutely … a great opportunity to go on-line and pose the trickiest of questions and unblock stalled developments and get a sanity check on your thinking

Drop in Labs

  • Whilst there is no need to leave the comfort of your own office, we will be running a number of activities out of our technology center at our offices in Reading. They will quite simply be awesome!


  • We will «sprinkle» some special offers throughout the six weeks. More details on a week by week basis.

You probably now have lots of questions… which is great as we have an FAQ which hopefully will have the answers. If it doesn’t then please email us your question.

How to participate

Hopefully this all sounds great (If it doesn’t then please do tell us why!). In which case you now need to signup (it is painless).

*The training webinars and materials will be provided without charge, but participants will require a Windows Azure account to participate in some exercises.  Use of the Windows Azure services may incur charges. 



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6 weeks of assistance | Technical and Commercal streams | Over 20 great live webinars | Starting Jan 2012 | and it is all FREE*!
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