Sign Up for Six Weeks of Azure

Join us for six weeks of FREE* assistance direct from Microsoft for UK businesses looking to build applications on Windows Azure. By signing up you will have access to surgeries, drop-in labs, special offers and weekly webinars to get you up to speed with both the commercial and technical aspects of adopting the Windows Azure Platform.

The course starts on 23rd January 2012, to participate, please tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch:

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*The training webinars and materials will be provided without charge, but participants will require a Windows Azure account to participate in some exercises.  Use of the Windows Azure services may incur charges. 



4 kommentarer om “Sign Up for Six Weeks of Azure

  1. This always makes me suspicious when your told it’s free and then there’s the small print.

    Skrevet av keith thomas | 11. januar 2012, 18:40
    • i know exactly what you mean…but scouts honour, the six weeks of webinars are free. Our legal folks «strongly encouraged» me to add the clause as actual azure usage is not free… although there are free trials etc which can be used. i will do a getting ready tip on this area.

      Skrevet av ericnel | 12. januar 2012, 01:10
  2. The one thing that has kept me away from Azure is the ‘fear of cost’. Everyone has to make a buck, and I know there are developer accounts that give access, but the thought of ‘I might actually get a bill from MS whilst I am developing this application’ really keeps me away. It’s ok for the Gold Partners who are already established and have the money to throw at development like this but the little guys, I like to hear of some Azure success stories from non-gold partners, companies that maybe have 1-5 employees. That would be a start. Also don’t get me wrong, I am MS thru and thru but the pricing for Azure, the last time I looked, I couldn’t even work out what it MIGHT cost.

    Skrevet av Scottish Yorkshire Man | 12. januar 2012, 11:26

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6 weeks of assistance | Technical and Commercal streams | Over 20 great live webinars | Starting Jan 2012 | and it is all FREE*!
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